Look What We Found!

This is one of my most cherished NYC moments. It happened to be on a SD card that somebody (whose name might be Deena, who might also be responsible for capturing this footage, which [not this specific clip] may or may not include confessions of how many guys we’ve kissed, USING THEIR NAMES) left behind, and Becky ended up with it. Some of my bestest friends are in the same room, chilling out, trying to vote on a name for our band. We have declarations of patriotism, we have flying M&Ms, we have a little bit of R. Kelly. I’m crying in the Wilkinson Center computer lab from laughing so much. Man, I miss you guys.

A year ago today (although, according to the date, it’s tomorrow), I took off in a packed rental minivan, headed south, away from New York City, with two of my best peeps. We arrived in Jacksonville late Saturday night. I took Becky and Alicia around the bustling metropolis and captivating suburbs and sprawling hamlets of  and around Jacksonville, and they took the early flight back Monday morning.

Then began a new life for each of us.

Happy anniversary.

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