It’s Already Been A Day

My head has not stopped spinning in the past 30-or-so days, but I will take the time to mention this week is banned books week.

And it always makes me smile, and maybe stirs a little pride in my heart.

I imagined a little scenario this morning just as I was stepping out of my 29-second shower because I woke up three hours late and rushed to get out the door and chased down the bus to get to campus at 7am. Of course now I don’t remember all the details of the scenario, but I was explaining my outback hat to someone (because wearing it to school today very briefly crossed my mind), that it was a size M for medium, and that my head really isn’t very big. And I ended up saying that I don’t know how my brain squeezes into this little, earthling head.

So, does anyone have an alien cranium I can borrow or buy from them?

Also, happy October.