Really. Or Maybe it’s an old episode.

I just saw an episode of celebrity Jeopardy! where Anderson Cooper said that he’s never been to Australia. I don’t see how this doesn’t make me better than him.

That is all.

A LOT is going on right now. I just don’t feel like going public with all of it. That makes it sound scandalous, but it isn’t. It’s just stressful. But to settle your worries, be assured

I’m not leaving the church. At least not yet. I know I mentioned a crisis of faith a while back, and I still have a lot of questions, but the structure school provides somehow helps me piece some things together.
I’m not gay. At least not yet. Ha. I know this is nothing to joke about, and it’s really not even an issue, but in addition to questions about the church, I have an ongoing internal conversation about Prop 8 and its inherent beastiness. I think about my gay friends often and their lot in life. But really, I like dudes.
I’m sleeping about 5 hours a day. This is the most sleep I’ll get in any 24-hour period. When I was on vacation, I did a little better. But now, please don’t ask me to try for more. It’s not going to happen. At least not yet.
I’m still a Democrat.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my freshman and sophomore years of college. I’ve been remembering my floormates and roommates and how much they brought out the best in me at that time in my life. Of course that’s what friends do, and in spanning the past decade or so, I’ve been fortunate to keep a lot of those friends and make a few more along the way. They’ve been able to give me what I need, fill in a few gaps, cheer me up, bring me to my senses. I’m grateful.