I’m Not Done with Summer, In Fragments

Right now, it’s 53 degrees.

And the air conditioning is on in the computer lab.

I tried making it to sleep by midnight last night, though it might have been closer to 1am.

But that’s better than the 4:30-5:30am bedtimes from the past week. Jetlag is so kicking my trash right now.

One of my first reading assignments is a John Donne satire.

I can sit with three times as many people on the Great Lawn in Central Park for the opera or the Philharmonic and feel less crowded than walking on campus with 30,000 people scattered over a much larger space. Interesting.

So much is different between this semester and last winter semester.

Mt. Timpanogos has been waiting for me all summer. Finally, we’ll get together this weekend.

I’ll also try posting about another few days of the Australia trip.

It’s freezing in here. And out there.