Special Request – This Isn’t Your Present, By The Way

May? Do you love me?

Don’t answer, it’s a trick question.

I know. But, yes.

Can you give me a special May backrub?

Sure, of course.

It’s nice to be the favorite fake sister. It’s fun to hang out to talk about rocks and writing and music and other things, like boys. To talk in funny voices and laugh just because it’s good for us. To put our phones on speaker when we’re in the same room and get a big kick out of the delay and feedback. I’m grateful you’re okay with my joking about your peeing on yourself. You’re cool and spunky and smart, and you’re an especially good sister to your sisters and brother. You’re a good daughter. You’re a good listener to me. The seven months I’ve known you so far have been an absolute blast, and I can’t wait to see what other memories our friendship brings.

This is a big deal – a significant age – but I promise not to take you drinking.

Happy Birthday, Emilia.

A little discussion.

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