It’s Important to See Famous People

So I was walking around Newtown Monday night, because I’m really that cool, and I stepped into a small grocery store, just to look around and observe any Australian things on the shelves, because my awesomeness makes me that way. I noticed someone ┬áchecking out at the cashier, because I like noticing, and he looked familiar. He left the store, and I finished weaving up and down the three aisles, because I sometimes like to be thorough. Plus, it gave me time to think about why I recognized that man, in case I found myself in a situation for him to be my friend, which, most people do.

I exited the store, because I’m a good exiter, and then I texted Becky:

i just saw aussie jay from antm…9

(I actually texted Karl’s phone with Becky’s phone because they thought I should have a phone when wandering a strange place by myself. Of course I didn’t mind it, because I’m generally cautious, which makes me so much radder.)

(The “9” at the end of the text was a typo. I meant to push backspace but hit the send button instead. Rare moment of imperfection for me.)

(I also have to thank Becky, because if we hadn’t watched those two episodes of ANTM in the past week, I wouldn’t have recognized him. It’s amazing how I can pick such phenomenal friends.)

I passed him on the sidewalk and made sure it was him, because I like to know the truth before I embellish it.

In America, we have America’s Next Top Model with the host and founder, Tyra Banks. She’s kind of out of her mind, but I’m not, so maybe this is a big draw of the show for me when I actually watch television when I’m not too good for it.

Australians have their own version of the show with Australia’s Next Top Model. The show’s host, Sarah Murdoch, is a bit more subdued and subtle in this production. I can’t believe how qualified I am to opine on Australian reality television.

It can be a little confusing without context which version “antm” refers to. You’re smart, though. Almost as smart as I am.

The shows have corresponding casts, judges, contestants, drama, and sheer ridiculousness.

So when I referred to the man I saw as “aussie jay,” it’s because I didn’t know Josh Flinn‘s name at the time, but his role somewhat parallels the American model mentor I know from the show I’ve watched for too many seasons to admit. I made the association, because my brain is that finely wired, and I chalked up yet another celebrity sighting.

Because I’m that cool.