I Dreamt Last Night

A bunch of us were hanging out. Somehow, everyone knew each other. I remember specifically two benches, perpendicular to each other, forming a large, backward L. I was sitting at the end of one bench, and the person sitting to my left was the same as the person sitting on the near end of the other bench. He scoot over a bit so I could put my feet up. In the dream it didn’t occur to me those two people were the same person.

Then, there was you. I saw you standing off at times. You weren’t sitting on either of the benches, but on a couch. Your eyes were red, as if you had been crying. I didn’t go to you and ask if you were okay. I avoided eye contact with you, and I let some of our mutual friends approach you. I felt better when they did. You were waiting for comfort, but I didn’t feel it my place to give it to you. It was better that others could.

I kept talking to the guy on either side of me.

There were a lot more details to this dream, but I’m fully conscious now, and much of it has faded. Blurred. Dissolved into nothing.

It woke me up after taking two hours to get to sleep last night. If it means anything, I have a pretty strong idea.

A little discussion.

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