Before the Bushwalk

So, Tuesday morning here (early Monday evening for most of you) greeted me with an experiment in toast. Toast is one of my favourite (hee) foods, and while I like it mostly with just butter, it’s fun to try with a variety of other toppings. This is what I tried:

I ate two pieces of toast and a crumpet. Crumpet. That’s a fun word, a word that transcends me into an non-American state of being. I put butter and creamed honey on the crumpet. I eat creamed honey in America, and it tastes like the honey that most people are familiar with. It’s just spreadable instead of squeezable. The “appel stroop” is a spread made of apples and beets. It’s a Dutch product. People really like beets around here. This was a stiffer jam, but not impossible to spread on toast. I liked the taste of it: sweet, tart, maybe a little nutty. And then, the famed vegemite. Kraft seems to make everything. Becky prepared this slice of toast for me, so that my first impression wouldn’t include fainting or licking the sidewalk to scrape away the taste. I like the flavor of it just fine. As long as the layer is very thin, I could probably eat it on toast pretty regularly, especially if I were in the mood for something salty. I can NOT imagine entire sandwiches of vegemite, however.

Becky decided to help me document this event. I had just stepped out of the shower, so I apologize if the photos breach anyone’s sense of decency.

2 thoughts on “Before the Bushwalk

  1. I’m glad you tried vegemite. And a Tim Tam Slam. 🙂
    That Stroop stuff sounds interesting/strange. Apples and beets. I never would have thought of that combination.
    Do you think you’ll try kangaroo? Because I hear it’s the most healthy meat. Maybe because it’s very lean… a fact I learned the other night from watching Food Network.

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