After the Bushwalk

But before that, another speaking thingy.

This was also during Sunday school when we discussed 2 Chronicles. I didn’t bring my Bible, so I strained to listen intently. I heard papal and a question about the Pope came to mind. What does the Pope have to do with Old Testament history just prior to the Babylonian Captivity?

Then occurred to me: people.

Becky and I went on a bushwalk today. When we got back to the apartment, the sun was starting to set. I want to share more of this amazing place with you:

I love Australia. A lot. I’m having such a wonderful time.

2 thoughts on “After the Bushwalk

  1. Absolutely gorgeous shots.

    As for the papacy, it is a little known fact that His Holiness is in possession of a time machine. Unfortunately, its use wizens its operator, and can lead to dementia.

    It’s entirely possible that Benedict or John Paul were hanging out with Solomon. I’d probably go there myself for tips on writing poetry.

  2. Still can’t believe you went Down Under. One of the places I really, really want to go someday. Joe has family there, so maybe just maybe…

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