Just Over Two Hours

And I’m about to go crazy.

I need to get this over with.

This term has been interesting, or different.

Last semester with French, I had to fight for an A all semester, and now, I’m trying to defend one.

I did receive my first actual request to bring back an Australian for a friend. I’ll do my best.

The blind dates I was being set up with might not work out. So I’ll be on my own if I want to go out with guys over there.

I wonder how much trouble I can get into. I always wonder this.

None of you have tried calling my voicemail, but no one really calls me to begin with, so what can I expect?

Maybe I should go try eating something. And flipping through the textbook. Again.

I had a poem floating around in my head the past few days, but I ruined it. Maybe it will come back later.

Maybe I’ll try taking a little nap. That seemed to work last time.

See y’all in about four hours?

2 thoughts on “Just Over Two Hours

  1. There is nothing you’ve not done well. As you’re clearly doing this, I am assured you will do well.
    Much love from the Florida contingent. Make sure you give a shout if you’re headed down this way, and we’ll figure out something fun to do.

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