Keeping Track

In preparing for Australia, a couple of you have asked me to give Becky hugs for you. I don’t mind doing this at all. Just so I have everyone accounted for, please comment below if you want me to give Becky a hug for you. Specify what kind of hug: big bear hug; macho, two-pats-on-the-back manhug; quick, girl-greeting hug; diving, tacklehug.

Also, comment if you’d like me to bring something back from Australia. This is more of a wishlist, as I can’t make any promises. So far, people have asked for Tim Tams and a didgeridoo. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

In addition to the above, if you don’t know Becky, and if you don’t want anything from Australia, but would like to say how much you want to hug me … just because, then feel free to say so. I’d be perfectly fine with that. But, so you know, wimpy hugs for Becky are unacceptable, and I won’t tolerate them for myself, either.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Track

  1. I want you to give Becky a big huge bear hug from me. Make sure that she knows how much she’s missed in NYC (and that goes for you too). 🙂

    I think I can find TimTams here, so what I need you to do is experience a TimTam Slam. If you or Becky have questions, feel free to reach out.


  2. I don’t know Becky, and I have no friends in Australia, but I’d like to order one of each hug for a certain spunky Asian, including some from the secret In-N-Out menu. Please inform me of delivery rates and schedules.

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