French 102, Oral 2

I had to read this passage to my professor yesterday:

“Ma position sur la mondialisation, c’est que le monde évolue constamment et que c’est aux êtres humains de trouver une réponse humaine aux différents visages que présente le monde. C’est à nous d’àpres les énergies et les ressources dont nous disposons en tant qu’êtres humains, de toujours recréer le sens de notre bonheur.”

Doesn’t that sound like something I would opine?

Then I had to say the following numbers properly:

45%, 8 foulards, 73 livres, 1927

Then I had to talk about my future. So I spoke of how I’ll be a writer, and I’ll write books of short stories and also write academic articles. I’ll have two houses, one in a big city in the United States, and one in the country in France. I said I’ll have at least three children, and we’ll live in the states during the winter and spring, and then in France in the summer and fall. I said my husband will be very nice, not too tall, and he will be an actor, maybe.

I said all that in French. Not too smoothly, but the professor understood everything I told him.

Then the professor said I have an excellent grasp of the French language, that all I need to do is practice speaking more. He said he sees the wheels turning and he knows I know the vocabulary and understand the grammar, that if I practiced more, my speaking would be less fragmented.

I took this all as positive. It helps me feel better about going into 201 this fall.

Now, I have to rock the final. I have about a 95 right now, and I can’t screw it up.

2 thoughts on “French 102, Oral 2

  1. Wow! Jealous… 😀 You’re amazing!!! Je ne parle pas le francais anymore… Ha ha ha. wow… I can’t even say a full sentence right anymore… Let’s try this one. Nao posso falar em frances porque estou tentando praticar meu portugues. Ahhh… That feels a tad better… 😉

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