Little Thought

Today I was thinking what else to pack for my trip to Australia. I then remembered that I should call Becky’s mom to ask what she needs me to bring along to give to Becky. I was imagining myself on the phone, then I envisioned Ms. Bonnie in my apartment, giving me whatever she needed to give me. Then when I visualized giving her a great big hug, I started to cry. I can’t quite grasp how hard it must be to have a child across the world. Thank goodness for Skype. But still, my heart broke a little. There’s no doubt I miss Becky, but I don’t think I can miss Becky the way Becky’s mom misses Becky.

I’m grateful for the perspective.

3 thoughts on “Little Thought

  1. Mr. Becky loves Kool-Aid. I just sent a pile of Kool-Aid packets to them, but then I found these awesome fizzy tablets that you drop into water and BAM! Kool-Aid!

    I miss Becky, too.

  2. thanks, may. i love the way you look at things and then write about them.

    you can’t know how glad i am that you’re coming. (you might have to bring some of those fizzy koolaid tablets that kim mentioned!)

  3. Wait… You’re going to Australia??? Girl, do you ever stop traveling? 😀 Take me with you one of these times, eh? Ha ha. Or how about you just make one of your trips to Brazil! Yeah, totally likin’ that idea…

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