About three hours of sleep last night.

We had a pretty heavy discussion in class today about globalization from the point of view of a very distinguished female African author. I wanted to ask all sorts of important questions in class. If technology is taking over the world, as well as McDonald’s; capitalization in conjunction with the euro, it would be hard to separate globalizing the bad and the corrupt alongside universal values and idealogies. I almost raised my hand. It would have taken waaaay too much energy. This paragraph makes no sense contextually and grammatically whatsoever.

Anyway. So, we moved on to the American invasion of the world and how uneven the cultural influence is from other countries. That’s why this Phoenix video is here. I like them.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Globalization, posted with vodpod

3 thoughts on “Globalization

  1. Globalization is always dominated by the more affluent nations. You should check out Robert Marks’ “origins of the modern world: Fate and Fortune in the rise of the West.” It will rock your world if you’re interested in globalization or westernization. pretty sweet stuff and it’s been going on since the beginning. peace.

  2. oh and beek, australia basically has a socialist internet system that you’re subjected to. i guess they’re taking back the free flow of information and saying in your face america! haha.

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