Weighing In

Sending a text didn’t even occur to me.

We just received our second midterms in class today.

With the two-point curve: 99.5%

Without it: 97.5%

On paper, I’m the ideal French student.

In practice, it’s gross.

The well-rounded Frenchie should be able to listen, write, and speak proficiently.

I can do one of those things moderately well.

But that’s because I’ve practiced a long time in English.

The listening carries over – I have to focus in French as much as in English. I’m lost otherwise.

The speaking – well, I don’t talk a lot in English, so I expect my talking to be pretty crappy.

The grade’s exciting though, eh?

One thought on “Weighing In

  1. Way to be an ideal French student on paper! 🙂
    I used to be really jealous of people who could speak Japanese quickly, and I made goals to be able to speak faster. Then I remembered that I don’t even speak fast in English. I don’t think I can speak that fast in either (or maybe any) language.

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