Magic Transporter Mission #1: Get My Bike to Utah

I just got back from a run. I ran south on State Street to Bulldog (1230 North). Then I turned east and ran past University Avenue to the road just before the big hill up to campus. Then I turned and ran south behind the RB and fieldhouse and soccer fields and ended up at 800 North, right beside the Brick Oven. I headed east to the duck pond and stretched and did some crunches. Then I headed further east toward J Dawgs and ended up on Campus Drive. I figured I’d wait for the bus home at the Wilkinson Center. But I checked to make sure I brought my bus pass and I had my student ID instead. Oops. I did also bring my debit card, but I decided since I have a bus pass, it wouldn’t be worth it to spend $2 just to catch the bus. So I swigged some water from a fountain inside the Wilk, cut northwest through campus, walked west on 1230 North to State Street, and charged up the hill to my apartment complex. About 4.5 miles total. It’s gorgeous outside, and I really enjoyed the sunshine.

I want to ride my bike. It is in a storage unit in New York City. Getting it to Utah shouldn’t be a big deal:

1. Get bike out of storage, along with bike pump.
2. Put bike in bike box for shipping.
3. Ship bike, ground service would be fine.

Seems easy enough. I’m not sure where I packed the pump, and I’d also like to have my biking clothes shipped, too. And that would complicate things a bit more, given the haphazard way I stored everything. I do have my good bike shoes and my helmet, but I don’t have any butt pants. And if I’m going to be putting substantial miles on the bike, I definitely need my butt pants. I didn’t realize I’d want to want to ride my bike so much, but the weather right now begs for it. And, it surprises me to say, my chances of moving back to New York long-term are thinning. It would be nice to have my bike around for free fun with friends.

At any rate, I’d like to fit in a couple of rides before it gets cold.

But, anytime I try to figure simplicity into plans, it always turns out to be a hassle.

We’ll see.

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