Faux Cussing, Quasi Frustration

I’ve been avoiding calls and texts for two months. Such avoidance generally means I’m no longer interested.

I went to play dominos and scum at another apartment tonight.

The object of my evasion happened to walk in.

He told me to call him sometime, that he left a few messages, but I didn’t return his calls.

Well, duh. Of course I didn’t.

He didn’t ask how long I’ve been back.

But he did see me being social.

Which, I’m usually not.

Perhaps my lack of communication makes me a hypocrite.

Easily I could morph into my mother or dad.

Very easily.

So, am I avoiding the outright lie, or am I abandoning him? Is it even the same thing?

Thing is, I’ve made no promises. No commitments.

I just am not all that interested.

But I’m prepared to be upfront about it.

I’ll have to give him a call.

He can take it.

A little discussion.

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