Utah Lake, First Day of Spring

The thing about yesterday’s bike ride is I forgot about it until I received a text while I was on campus studying in the early afternoon. So, I didn’t bring my camera.

It was a gorgeous day. The air cooled more the later it got, but the sun did a dandy job of keeping me warm.

We biked along the Provo River Trail. Eponymously, it runs along the Provo River for about three miles and leads to Utah Lake.  We met the trailhead at 800 North and 700 West, maybe? I’m too lazy to look it up right now.

A friend of mine decided to rollerblade the entire way. She might be a little crazy. But she did it, and she’s my hero.

Below is a little picture I took with my phone. Outside of the sun looking like a puffer fish on the verge of exploding, I guess it’s not bad.

If every Saturday can be like yesterday, I’d be a happy camper.

A Few from the Fashion Show

So these guys were across the room. Two rows of chairs were in front of them. Two rows were also in front of me, and the runway was between us.

Before the show begins, the DJ plays some really good dance music, and I sway and nod my head to the music. I was already paying a good bit of attention to these guys, partly because they’re attractive, but also because their body language caught my eye.

I’m taking a few shots with my camera, which isn’t inconspicuous. I happen to be shooting something in the same direction of these guys, Ben and Dallin. Ben, the blond, makes eye contact, and he thinks I’m taking a picture of him.

A few moments later another fun song plays and Ben and I dance in our chairs and we smile at each other.

Every once in a while we look at each other and shrug. Once, I point to my watch and he agrees we’ve been waiting a while.

He points to my hat and mouths that he likes it. I’m wearing my fedora. Of course he likes it.

The show begins. Quite a few interesting and very artistic designs.

The show ends. Staff starts putting away chairs to get ready for the after-party. I walk over to where the guys are standing, and we introduce ourselves.

We chitchat for a while, then we both split off to rejoin our groups.

Then I dance with my friends for a while.

Then one of my friend’s car gets towed.

Then we go to the towing company where I want to release some sort of violence.

We retrieve the friend’s car.

We go to my place to decompress a little. Warm up. Talk.

Eventful evening, to say the least.

I hope you weren’t expecting photos of the actual fashion show.