Happy Friday

So much happy news, all around this week. Friends are pregnant; friends with hot radio voices are filing stories for bigtime news networks; friends are taking exciting, new opportunities in the workforce. BYU finally got past the first round in the NCAA tournament. I’m even wearing my Florida Gators t-shirt to celebrate.

Let’s get my stuff out of the way first. Last month I presented a paper on Bryant’s “Thanatopsis.” I got the paper back on Wednesday. I didn’t want to look at it in class, because I thought the instructor would have shredded it. I just remember as I stood in front of the class last month looking at the paper I was finding huge typos. Anyway, I happened to glance at the paper yesterday, and the disbelief always surprises me. He gave me 50/50. (Still getting a B in the class, though.)

I spoke with the teacher from my favorite class yesterday. I related to her some experience I’ve had submitting essays, and we ended up talking shop for a little while after class. She told me with my experience and writing skills, I could skip the intro class and start with the essay or short-story class. I asked about a market for super-shorts or flash fiction. She told me where to go in the library for references on where to submit work. Then she told me to contact her anytime on help with submissions, as she does that kind of thing all the time.

Y’all, my tear ducts are streaming with validation.

Congratulations to my pregnant friend(s) out there. You’ve asked me to keep your news quiet, and this is the best I can do. I’m very excited for you! Everyone else, you can ask about who you think she (they) is, but I’ll neither confirm nor deny your queries.

I haven’t obsessively listened to the audio news file, but this person knows what I think and how impressed I am.

Those of you who are moving on to bigger and better opportunities, ROCK ON. I can’t wait to hear about everything.

I couldn’t be a prouder friend, people. I’m so happy for everyone.

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