Preparing Lunch Today

I set a dirty Pyrex brownie pan on the left back burner – I didn’t use it, and I wasn’t going to wash it – then I put a pot of water on the left front burner, and then I turned on the stove.

I went back to my room to finish listening to some scriptures online and return a few text messages.

Then something exploded. It was kind of loud.

I walked out to the kitchen. The left back burner glowed red, and the brownie pan was no longer on top of it. I turned off the stove and started sweeping up all the glass shards and splinters from the floor, counter and kitchen sink. The roommate whose pan it was came home, and she started picking up pieces across the kitchen from the living room carpet. War zone.

I’m really glad I was in my room. I’m glad no one else was out in the common area when it happened.

But I felt/feel really bad about it.

It was pretty stupid.

2 thoughts on “Preparing Lunch Today

  1. I’ve done that before. Not with a Pyrex pan, but with a oven mitt, a plate, and a pan of banana bread. The oven mitt caught on fire, the plate broke, and I saved the banana bread before it burned too badly.

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