Hap(1)py(2) Birth(3)day(4), You(5)

I started out with the typical birthday list of 25 things, you know? Then I realized that 25 is a pretty fun number to play with. Massaging the list a little bit, each item is somehow related to 25 or its square root, 5: 25 words or syllables or letters; or 5 words or syllables or letters. Here are some poems or sentences or ideas about one of the greatest, most beautiful friends on her birthday. The only thing is now everyone knows how old she is.

Are(1) you(2) okay(3) with(4) that(5)?

Thank(1) you(2) for(3) being(4) born(5).

Alicia’s Awesomeness
Sincerity is genuine with her.

Five squared is a quarter
25 times the calendar turns
One fourth behind her now
Three quarters ahead of her
Enough for a pay phone

Elle aime la France, tout Paris.

Strumming and singing by firelight helps my bones fight the chill the feeble fire cannot grow to extinguish.

Red hair
I wish I had it.

Dance moves
She has one.
Demand it.

She gives. No questions asked.

Twenty-five syllables cannot adequately capture what this one woman manifests in friendship.

Alicia’s Sign
Nothing fishy on this pisces

Music taste
A large percentage
of my own music
comes from free downloads
she passes along
and it’s amazing.

She says she doesn’t stalk them.

Creamy confection on brownies? What?!

Words float from the page
Drifting into my lone eyes
Painting what I can’t deny
What I can only see
As purity dancing without shame

She likes it. A lot.


Heart Sized Large Holds Plenty

She picks you. Done deal.


Hard work
If she has a cause
She will work for it
She will meet her goals
She will not back down
Precisely focused

Guitar Hero humbles us. Sometimes.

and the livin’ is easy…

The girl doesn’t dream small.

She stands her ground. Oy.

She won’t even flinch when it comes  to deceiving and stealing to surprise her friends and to make them smile.

Loves her family.


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