Gaining A Little Momentum

I’m sitting in French class. The professor promised our midterms today. He announces he finished grading them and that the average was a little lower than usual. My stomach sank.

Saturday morning I woke up to the thought of a huge mistake I made while taking this test last Friday. It had to do with the verb aller and the imperative form with tu. Anyway, I had confused a bunch of rules and wrote down words that didn’t even exist, much less made sense. And if I actually remembered that mistake, I knew I’d made more.

So at the end of class the professor hands us back our tests. I look at the listening portion and see I hadn’t missed any. Neat. Then I lift the cover sheet to the part I took in the testing center. On the front page I see the numbers from the listening part added to the written part, and I’m a little incredulous. So I look through the test and see what I’ve missed – and my dream was right on. I missed a few other points as well (confusing a couple feminine nouns for masculine), but I also received a few bonus points, one for using de+noun in a ne-pas structure, and another point for being brilliant, pretty much.  (Note: I say I’m brilliant or a genius when I can’t remember specific details.) The professor had also written bien next to a paragraph I’d composed which was supposed to be a letter to a friend telling her why she should stay at my grandparents’ apartment in my hometown.

I flip back to the front page, and I start to believe the 96% a little more. I do a little fist pumping, and I look around and tune in to my classmates’ comments on their exams. I made eye contact with someone, and she asked me how I did, and I tried whispering the score to her, but it comes out loudly anyway. I want to dance around the classroom so bad, but I refrain. I return the exam and exit the room.

I beeline from that building to this here computer lab and get on gchat and first thing I say to anybody is my French test score.

We celebrate by listening to the Ting Tings and Journey together. Because technology rocks.

Have I mentioned that I really like school?

Two Links and a Little Rant

I’m going to try making this pizza. It’s cheeseless and tomato-less, but looking at it made me really hungry. Too bad for you who don’t like mushrooms or fruit. Sarah also shouts-out to New York City, which: awesome. Miss you, girl.

Speaking of tomatoes, I read advice columns. Yes kids, it’s true. This is one of my regulars – I look forward to it every Wednesday. Sometimes the situations are extremely drama-laden, but Sars has no trouble calling anybody out and offering pretty great advice. I’m including today’s questions, only because I see friends around who might have similar experiences.


I will briefly interrupt my current mirth to say just this once how much it hurts when people lie to me. People I’m close to; people I’m supposed to trust. You’re not protecting me, and in the end, you’re not protecting yourself. I get tired of gritting my teeth and trying not to swear. I’m not perfect; I do stupid things all the time. But come on. Please, please, just tell the truth.

Back to current mirth: I received a 98% on the midterm I mentioned yesterday. Then I talked with my literary criticism professor about a paper I turned in a few weeks ago, and she said it was one of the best ones, then we talked about an upcoming project, and then she offered me some advice on my current academic track: classes to take, minors to declare and pursue (I should hurry up and declare microbiology as one of them), contests to enter, internships to apply for. She had no qualms telling me how cutthroat the creative writing business is. She was incredibly helpful.

Dangit, people. I really like school.