Something I’m Working On

Friend:  guess what?

me:  what

Friend:  I blogged for the first time in a yr and a half.

me:  i saw
you’re in my reader

Friend:  oh.

it was partly inspired by your writing, as usual.
I was trying to do a good critique, ya know and I did a little experimenting and then it grew…

me:  that’s great
i like it

Friend:  thanks. Um looking for somethign. hold please

me:  ok

Sent at 8:55 PM on Monday

Friend:  you’re gonna laugh.
I’m searchign searching
where did i put that thingy I wrote?
it’s not on the pooter. I wrote it longhand in a notebook on Saturday.
But it was the same premise. I took the skeleton of what youd done with a subway suicide and wrote it my own way.
It just got the juices flowing. And since then the gates feel [sic] open.

me:  cool

Friend:  I can type it out, but it’s nothing to write home about. it greased the wheels though.

me:  nice

Friend:  yeah, credit goes your way.
So, did my feedback help? the difficlutly picturing the  rail confusion?

me:  it did
i haven’t revisited yet
trying to get everyone’s feedback first

Friend:  yep. is it part of a bigger whole or just it’s own thing?

me:  it’s gonna be something bigger, but not much bigger

Friend:  I. want. to. know. more.

me:  i know

Friend:  success

A little discussion.

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