1250 Mountain Standard Time or Whatever

The woman at a computer to my right. She’s looking at a Powerpoint presentation. The theme or decor or whatever you call it makes it look like she’s studying DNA. Because there’s a giant pink-and-purple-and-orange double helix in the left margin. But the slides are in Spanish. I wonder what American DNA looks like.

Yesterday in the computer lab:

A girl to my left was standing up to leave.  She swung her backpack over her shoulder onto her back and bludgeoned me. My head and left shoulder are cursing her right now.

Later in the day I was sitting at a different computer, behind a partition. A guy who was looking for a computer walked over, actually saw I was sitting in a chair occupying the space he thought was free, because he couldn’t see me over the partition, then walked away as if he meant not to see me. Nice.