My Brain Hurts Right Now

French homework takes way too much time. I was going to hike the Y today with the Frenchies, but 1)it’s too wet 2)it’s too cold for me and 3)I have way too much to do.

I like leading music, except sometimes I get impatient at the fermatas.

I made an effort to hang out with people yesterday. I’d forgotten about a dinner someone had invited me to after church. After my nap, I texted the person, and he said there were leftovers so I should come over anyway. I did, and a few people were still there just chatting. I ate dinner and talked a little with people. We watched a few news segments online, and I said something really funny, mostly because I can be really clever. After a half-hour or so, I had a little more social anxiety, plus the people who live there hinted at taking naps so I took my cue and said goodbye to people. I peeked into a bedroom where someone was playing the guitar. I asked if his apartment was going to do anything fun that evening, and he said they might play a game, and he said I should come play.

A few hours later, I went to Ward Prayer! and I stood aloof and watched people talk for a little while until someone asked me how I was doing. So she and I talked for a bit about what we were going to do for Presidents’ Day. Then I turned around and made a joke to the guy who invited me to play games and we laughed for a bit. He was talking to some of his guy friends who I didn’t know as well. Then someone came and invited these guys to listen to a song he composed on his keyboard, and I decided to tag along.

So probably eight guys or so and another girl and I filed into this apartment. We stood around for about 10 minutes. The recording wasn’t playing, so he said he’d fix it later. So we left this apartment and we started going our separate ways, but three other guys and I  stood outside for a few minutes and just talked about random things.  We laughed some more, mostly because we’re all pretty funny. After five minutes of hands in our pockets and shivering in the cold air, someone gets the bright idea to go inside and talk, so we end back up at the apartment where I went to dinner. So we watched some Olympics and ate leftover chips and seven-layer dip and made more jokes and watched bull-riding and never appreciated eight seconds more. At this point it’s just me and four guys, and it was pretty relaxing.

After a couple hours of hanging out, I went home. I had fun.

All without touching a single guy.

I’m sure the other blog is furious.

A little discussion.

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