I might start a new series while I’m here at school. Because I’m nosy.

I’m in the computer lab a lot, and lots of interesting and ridiculous stuff goes on around me.

The following happened just yesterday. It feels like forever ago. I posted it as a facebook status:
A guy to my left in the computer lab to a girl behind me: do you know what an ambigram is? A word that looks the same upside down as it does right side up?
The girl: You mean like the word “radar”?
Guy: No. Girl: What is that again?
May: A palindrome.
The couple suddenly talks more quietly.
May, to herself: works like a charm.

Also, yesterday? A kid (early 20s) on a computer behind me was playing online poker, and he wasn’t my brother. Are we Mormon here? Anyone? Pretty awesome.

Today, I glance at the screen next to mine and the guy next to me is shopping for guns. Hand guns. Pistols.

A little discussion.

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