French Class Stuff

I really like my French class. The other blog has her own reasons for liking it, but I really like having always to pay attention. We’re learning by immersion, and my brain makes quick associations.  My writing isn’t quite up to the speed it was 15 years ago in high school, but my speaking and comprehension are so much better, well, except for listening portion of this week’s midterm. That really sucked. Also, I can only really speak in the present tense. All that matters is now, anyway, right?

Our instructor often shows us crazy videos from Québec or fun music from YouTube. The animations from Québec are a little creepy, but they’re also fun.

Têtes à claques – “Pilote d’avion”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s a catchy French song we listened to yesterday:

“La Lettre” – Renan Luce + Paroles

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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This Campus Is So Dang Weird

I passed by this display on my way into the bookstore on Monday, then I turned back around to take a picture:

Yes, it’s blurry, because I was in a hurry to take it. I stood in the way of the student populous rushing into the bookstore to purchase whatever trinkets and baubles and delectables for their romantic interests, wives, crushes, targets of stalking.

I also took this picture on Monday. It’s kind of a miracle, actually, because I happened to be in the market for some Post-Impressionist art. When I walked into the Wilkinson Center after getting off the bus, I walked straight to the community ad board, not very hopeful I’d find any Van Gogh or Cezanne. It’s not often, or ever that I have these sorts of hankerings, but the clouds parted and heaven’s rays shone upon this:

It almost makes me want to cut off my own ear. And the photo before makes me want to rip my beating heart from my chest.

Seriously, BYU.