Time Out

Somebody needs to tell the other persona over at the other blog that I’m taking a boy break. Seriously. Only so many hours in a day, you know?

Lots going on. The semester is gaining momentum. Midterms, papers, studying. Minimally required socializing, other than dating. Let’s break it down.

Hours in a school week: 24X5=120

Credit hours: 13

Time outside of class for studying: Anywhere between 3 and 5 hours per credit hour. (There’s just a ton of reading to do.) 39-65 hours

Writing papers: 5 hours

Churchy things; prayer, scripture study, etc.: 2-3 hours

Commute: 2 hours

Television: (Sorry, I need my Chuck and Lost) 2-3 hours

Blogging: 2-3 hours

So far, that’s 75-94 hours. That leaves 26-45 hours left for sleeping/dating/chatting whatever.

That means I could average over 9 hours of sleep, if I didn’t eat or study as much. Or date.

But lately, I’ve been averaging 5 hours of sleep during the week. I’m not going to starve. And I don’t think I can cut the studying, and I’ve already cut chatting down.

So, yeah, somebody tell the cougar to give the boys some rest.

A little discussion.

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