Now the Important Stuff

Just a few links to get you thinking about how you want to contribute to Haiti relief:

Six Ways Here

To A Specific Orphanage

LDS Church News Release and Link for Donations

And then my friend Ray also suggests not to “put contributions on credit cards. The moneygrubbing banks are still taking their “interchange” cuts on donations. Do it direct to an agency, through 100% donators like grocery stores (Wegmans is beginning their donate-any-amount today), or text the word “Haiti” to 90999 and get every penny to the Red Cross instead of funding some Citibank executive’s bonus.”

First Paper

One page, single spaced. Response to the first four chapters of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. The first assignment always makes me nervous. It was my very first one in, oh, seven years. For a grade.

Except that no one actually got a grade, because it was the first one. BUT before the instructor returned our papers, she explained what we should include, and what not to write. She spoke of arguable points one could make and defend in such a response paper. She made a claim from the text and she saw me shaking my head at her claim. She told the class I wasn’t jivin’, and that it’s okay to disagree. That made me nervous, too, because when I turned the paper in, I had no idea what she expected. She piled the sheets according to her roll, I think, because she handed me mine first, the way the teachers do, extending it to me across several people, tacoed so that no one else could see it. I peeked inside. Huh. Then I opened it flat in case I missed anything. Averting my eyes and hiding my smile, I tucked the paper away in a folder, which I slid into my backpack with the rest of my books, and I sprang out of the classroom.

I cautiously take this as good news. But with enough heart to make my day.