Blurby Sparks of Inspiration

Hmm. What if I asked you to read the following and write a 100 word response to either/both of them? Then what if I asked for you to share with me? Who’d do it? You can also comment to tell me how chicken you are. I’m not picky. 🙂

1. GChat today:

me: the weather is gross here
like provo has ascended higher into the clouds

8:30 AM Alicia: or the clouds have laid their heavy bodies on the ground for a long rest
8:31 AM me: or like provo is its own puff of smoke
Alicia: ha
so many ways to take that one

2. My homework assignment contemplating jacket:

chalky white
long, rough sleeves
fitted tight
wrapped around
not a second too late
straps hold close
my jacket is straight

One thought on “Blurby Sparks of Inspiration

  1. If the weather is foggy rather than smoggy, that’s fun. Some of the most beautiful moments I had in California were driving among the vineyards in wine country on foggy mornings. There’s something magical about fog, especially in dry dusty Utah. It’s liquid mystery hanging in the air. A soft kiss on the cheek from Mother Nature. I love the feel of it on my face and the stillness it creates. I can remember only a handful of foggy days from my time there, and they were, without exception, all beautiful days.
    But if it’s smog? Ew. Well. That’s another story…

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