Let’s Just Keep Bragging

Kimberly. Sister-in-law of Becky.
All I really know is she was up for 48 hours.
A few mishaps occurred the day before/of the wedding.
Kimberly. Still did a beautiful job.
Though she probably doesn’t want to see another cake for the rest of her life.
I don’t blame her.
Also, I hope she’s still sleeping.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Just Keep Bragging

  1. Awww, May! Thanks! You are so nice, and just made my day.

    A lot of the not sleeping was thanks to a sick baby. A lot was also that I could only work on the cake at night, after everyone was in bed. Crazy.

  2. Totally sympathize!!! I haven’t done one since October and I’ve been enjoying the break! Beautiful job, love the blue!

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