Let’s Brag about Our Friends, Shall We?

Cathy. Sister of Becky, who got married on Thursday.
Cathy. Mother of five.
Cathy. Runs.
Like the wind apparently.
71st out of 9673 women.
This morning.
She kept it under 7:40/mile.
In much cooler conditions than she’s used to running.
Freezing rain. IN ORLANDO.
Becky said Cathy was a contender.
Cathy brushed it off.
Cathy. Smoked the asphalt.

Incredible job!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Brag about Our Friends, Shall We?

  1. may, you are so sweet. thanks for bragging about me. i am honored to be spoken of on your blog. this was my first half marathon and i think i’m in love!

    it was so great to see you. thanks for the mini golf memories! say hi to alicia!

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