-I changed my major, and with that my major GPA is 4.0
-I spoke with a department advisor about changing my major
-I spoke with my academic advisor about my academic standing
-I removed all holds from my record
-I attended my Writing Literary Criticism Class, where I wrote an introductory paragraph for a persuasive paper on how Twelfth Night is the greatest love story ever, because it was a pop writing assignment, and my brain went completely blank except for the last substantial piece of literature that I remember, and by golly, by the end of that first paragraph, the whole five minutes we had to write it, wouldn’t you want to see how that particular Shakespeare play demonstrates the greatest love of all? And NOT Romeo and Juliet? or Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, which just about everyone else’s paragraph was about?
-I bought my French text
-I had a small lunch in the Cougareat while watching a couple make out in front of me
-I almost lost my lunch
-I came up with a graduation plan, and kids, it’s gonna be December 2011
-I attended my French class, which is pretty awesome
-I took an Office Skills Test for a possible on-campus job
-I rode the bus to and from campus
-I went to FHE
-I attended a free screening of Miroir Noir, a music documentary about Arcade Fire
-I did some French homework
-I texted friends throughout the day

Today’s much slower. This week is wonky, but it will be great. Friend’s wedding and reception, back in the lovely state of Florida.

I’m gonna need a nap.