A Quasi Retraction

It occurred to me, that back window from yesterday’s photo belongs to a car whose owner lives in the same apartment complex as I do. That person most likely goes to church with me. I most likely saw that person at church today, I might have met that person; I might have even talked to that person. We may have even become friends. Point being, I shouldn’t make fun of my friends, especially before they know we’re friends. But don’t I make fun of my friends anyway? They know I’m joking and they have just as much fun as I do at their expense? Because, don’t people need to laugh at themselves every once in a while? So maybe I’m just trying to get a head start on things. No, it’s not my cynicism or sarcasm or jadedness; it’s my good intentions, my deep desire to make friends.

Fishbones. Ha.

4 thoughts on “A Quasi Retraction

  1. They could become friends despite that. They could become friends because of that. (I’ve met more than one very dear friend through something completely accidental.) And if they’re the kind of people who take offense to that kind of thing, are they friends?

  2. Good point, Ray.

    It also crossed my mind that the decal is part of a big make-funnery scheme. And if that’s the case? Awesome.

  3. I think you should find out whose car that is and become friends with them. Then you could tell people that you have a friend who has a CTR fishbones sticker on their back window. Could be cool.

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