This Weekend

I am sitting in my room right now, waiting on a load of laundry.  iTunes is streaming Christmas music – some of it free – and I’ve spent the morning packing more boxes to ship to Utah. I shipped nine boxes to Provo this past Monday, and it felt good to get that little bit of the process out of the way.

Three Christmas cards for me have come in the mail.  Three Christmas cards and two wedding announcements.

Tonight, I’m babysitting for a few hours, and then I’m heading to a church young singles’ winter ball. Yeah, I’m dressing up. Trying to curl my hair and everything. And it will be fun. I’ll take pictures. Maybe that will quadruple blog traffic again.

The ball should have good music and energetic, young people who don’t care that I shouldn’t really be there. This doesn’t change my thinking that some (most) guys are pure idiots. I’m fighting spewing cusswords right now.

I wonder if people get bored with me. They exercise patience, get beneath all the layers, and find only flatness, two dimensions. Pretty disappointing.

I’m heading downstate this weekend to visit some friends. I’m really looking forward to that.

I cannot tell you how much I am dreading finding a good home for the rabbits. I haven’t known the past five years without them.

I’m not talking much lately. I’ll still look you in the eye and smile, though.

Busy time of year, indeed.

One thought on “This Weekend

  1. No flatness under this surface.

    Sorry about the bunnies. Hope you find someone who will love, love, love them. And convince them to get of their lazy, um, you knows, and start blogging again.

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