You’re KILLING Me, Patty Griffin

I can’t even think properly around this song right now; my heart gets in the way. Patty wrote this years ago; I don’t know why I haven’t come across it until now. Girl can sing the sad ones.

I cry pretty easily, but with this, I never even had a chance. Never saw it coming.

Maybe it’s the timing. It’s definitely the song.

Patty Griffin, “My Dear Old Friend”

How will we smile ever again
I’m asking you sincerely, my dear old friend
What do you say, is there a way
My dear old friend

How will we laugh just like before
When there’s water rising up to our door
And we may never see each other again
My dear old friend

Will there be someone to remember
A little place that we loved
How the music played all night and day
Through the windows up above

How the birds sang in the morning
How the dog barked in the yard
I guess that’s nothing much but everything to us
And that’s what seems so hard

How will we smile ever again
I’m asking you sincerely, my dear old friend
The moon on the hill says we probably will
My dear old friend

2 thoughts on “You’re KILLING Me, Patty Griffin

  1. Ah, geez. I hadn’t heard this one either. Funny, I’ve been getting out the Patty lately because I was needing a fix. I’m anxious for a new album from her.

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