This Week’s Hodgepodge

First off, I want to thank everyone who boosted blog traffic today. You guys are super nice. Who knew, right?

Oh, I replied to a job post on Craiglist the other day and received this reply:

Hi there,
Thanks for your interest in the website reviewer position. We are currently looking for honest people with a keen eye for detail to visit various adult sites online and write the things they like and dislike about each. We will require 12 reviews per week which are due by 2pm EST every Friday.

The starting wage for this post is [x]$ per week which rises after 6 months. No previous experience is required for this position. The only requirement we have is that you submit a 100-word review of the member’s area at a pre-selected site [not a very nice site at all]. It’s completely free to join so don’t worry about any costs (be sure to cancel within 3 days or you will be billed).

Please submit this review to [a legitimate email address] within 48 hours if you’re still interested. This position can be taken from anywhere, it’s going to be a home-based position. If this isn’t for you we thank you for your time.

Thanks for your time


-the original post did not indicate exactly what I’d be getting into
-the dollar sign does not follow the number here in America; this should have clued me in
-wanting to think more wholesomely, I went ahead and assumed “adult” = “not for kids”, not “adult” = “porn”
-the compensation isn’t shabby at all, but considering the business it is …
-I clicked on the link provided
-it loaded at the same time the LDS Church website was loading
-it came up faster than the Church site
-I thought my laptop would burst into flames and brimstone would fall from the sky
-this isn’t for me.


A few things made me cry this past week, in a good way. I’m grateful, because I’ve definitely needed different and better reasons to cry.

1. In reading the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon, I came across the reference for Isaiah 14:7, “The whole earth is at rest, and is quiet: they break forth into singing.” I thought about the continual strain the earth is under, and the time when it will really get to rest. This brought me great peace.

2. I texted a friend to find out how she’s doing with health and school. I asked about her Thanksgiving and the time she spent with her fiancé and his family. I received this reply: “Thanks! It was awesome!! I really like his fam and all that time w [fiancé] 24/7 was amazing … i can’t wait until I get to seem him everyday”. Call me a big sap, but that really touched me.

3. I was listening to a Christmas album the other day and “Auld Lang Syne” played. I thought about the New Year and loved ones and starting over and a whole rush of emotions washed over me and suddenly my heart overflowed with gratitude and I just couldn’t help myself.


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