Stuffs Approaching the Weekend

– Mom has the day off, so we might hang out.
– go to the bank
– rob it
– make guacamole
– take a trip to New York
– buy a ticket to see New Moon on Friday

– hang out with Jess and her clan
– see New Moon – NOT the midnight screening as originally planned
– hang out with two married couples
– take another trip to New York

– go to the Gator game in the Swamp
– catch up with my friend, Greg
– take a trip to New York
– attend a bridal shower after I turn back time about six hours

– go to church
– go to an awkward church singles potluck
– find a boy to make out with
– make out with said boy
– sleep
– sleep
– sleep

Okay, so maybe all the trips to New York will actually be talking with and/or texting friends from the city. I wish I could go, though. I wish I could see the gang. I’d be really looking forward to that, and sleep would come in a close second. Then, making out. Priorities, you know?

One thought on “Stuffs Approaching the Weekend

  1. Hey! I get in town tomorrow and will be there through Wednesday morning. When do you want to get together? So excited!!

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