Texting and Driving

A local news segment mentioned yesterday that texting while driving is against the law here in Florida. And I heard a statistic somewhere that 1 in 4 teens have admitted to texting while driving. I’ve texted while driving, I’ve tweeted while driving; I’ve drawn the line at making out while driving, sort of…. Anyway, a friend of mine sent this PSA to me over the summer and made me promise never to text while driving. All I had to do was watch the video, and that was that.

Viewer discretion advised.

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Andrea, Your Facebook Wall Wouldn’t Let Me Post This, So It’s Going Here Instead

Andrea, hopefully you’re in bed and won’t see this until the morning when it’s your actual birthday, because it would be weird to see a birthday message today and maybe assume I got your birthday wrong, because I generally don’t get those kinds of things wrong, but then I hope you’d at least give me credit for the effort, but maybe you’d consider me a super-sucky friend for not even getting your birthday right. Like, I know when your birthday is. Facebook helps with that, but I totally knew it before the crutch. But I wanted to get a head start on wishing you a fabulously fantastically frolically happy birthday, because birthdays should last AT LEAST 24 hours, if not the whole week or month, and because birthdays are supposed to be happy and filled with lots of sugar in many, many forms, so not only should you have a happy birthday? but also a very, very HYPER birthday. I also miss your face and your guts and hope with all my heart you have the wonderfulest and grandest of birthdays, because, you know, it’s a big one, and maybe 30 men should jump out of a cake for you. Or bunnies, whatever you prefer. Love you, girl. Happy Birthday.