Changes Here

I’m in my pajamas, and I am mostly wide awake.

I went for a run today, and it felt pretty good.

Mom took Jenny and me out to lunch today. That was fun.

The sky is falling. People came out of the woodwork to request my friendship on facebook.

I hung out with friends. It was a lovely evening and we walked around the St. Johns Town Center, and maybe I decided on the computer I’d like to have once I get the money.

 I had the tropical smoothie at the Cheesecake Factory.

Oh, I made a few alterations to the blogroll. I removed and added some links. I also fixed it so if you clicked on a link, it will open in a new window. Goodness knows I wouldn’t want you leaving this page completely. 🙂

I’m gchatting with a friend right now about a church speed dating activity that happened in NYC tonight. Sounded like it was pretty fun.

Now I’m suddenly sleepy. I’ll finish a book then hit the hay.

A little discussion.

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