Because I’m Feeling Extra Masochistic Today

me: friend, catch me up on speed dating sometime. happy Sabbath. have a wonderful day
9:41 AM Friend: hey manderton
you should be at church
me: mine starts at 11
Friend: but i guess you are on vacation
me: this is definitely not a vacation
why aren’t you at church?!
Friend: okay, working on your tan
at the beach
is like a job
9:42 AM me: first of all i don’t need to work on my tan. if anyone does, it’s you
Friend: c’mon
white and pasty is in
me: and furry, don’t forget
Friend: duly noted
church for me is at high noon
do need to run to a pec meeting soon
9:43 AM speed dating
it was fast and furious
me: excellent
Friend: i made the rookie error
of not really noting on my card who was who
because, well, i thought i’d remember
ummm, and i didn’t
you know, me with names
me: yeah
Friend: so, i said a yes to everyone
9:44 AM a soft yes
and think that might be troublesome in the end
me: because everyone would have said yes to you, too
Friend: riiiiggggghhhtttt
most of them were of the tallish looking over my head at the other blokes variety
9:45 AM so, i guess i’ll just be the desperate…i’d go out with anyone who will say yes, variety
nothing wrong with that kind of guy btw
of course
me: of course
you lost your chance with this shorty, but we’re okay with that
and you’re not desperate
Friend: a little too short, sadly
9:46 AM me: what’s a girl to do with short genes
ah well
Friend: embrace them
join the circus
there are all kinds of options
you are a great height
a centimeter away from perfect
me: you’re funny
9:47 AM go to pec, dear friend
i have to get ready
Friend: put on that lotion
shoulders burn easily in
me: sunday thoughts only, please
Friend: my bad
have a good sunday
me: 🙂
you too

Wow, y’all. I’m SO not in the mood. I could lay out a bunch of barbed, judgmental statements right now.

But I won’t. It’s Sunday. And I’m trying to get over myself.

Time to get ready.

A little discussion.

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