A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time a woman found herself in a strange land. It looked familiar, she recognized quite a few people.

This woman realized she couldn’t go back to where she came from, so she decided she’d try to make a home for herself.

She unpacked her things, she organized her space.

She reunited with the people she knew, and she began to think her life wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

Then, one day as she was picking flowers in a vast, swaying meadow at sunset, Evil entered the town. It was large and looming, like the storm cloud that had begun to settle upon the town. The hair prickled on the woman’s arms and neck.

It began to rain, and the woman ran in a panic to her home.

Her heart pounded, and she closed the door behind her. She was soaking wet.

Lightning flashed, chaos ensued. She saw cars floating in the valley. This was bad.

She dried off with a towel, and in the candlelight she noticed that she hadn’t really escaped.

The Evil had gotten to her, inflicted her with its poison, deforming her slowly.

A doctor answered her call. He stopped by but could make no conclusive diagnosis.

She kept wondering what it could be; how her body was transforming.

She’s been unwell before. She knew of different treatments.

But this – this was different.

What didn’t she know?

The solution was simple. The cure was easy.

All she had to do was stop worrying.

But even if she did know this? She was still doomed.