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Tree Frog: I’m not stealing your thunder, right?

  we really don’t have similar readers

  except for [so-and-so and such-and-such]

 me: oh man, of course not

  what thunder, really

3:53 PM Tree Frog: your awesomeness

 me: well, it’s not possible to steal that


3:54 PM Tree Frog: unfortunately

 me: i do sell it, however

  for a reasonable price

 Tree Frog: yeah???

  how much?

3:55 PM me: 3-oz bottles

3:56 PM 49.95 each

  but if you call now

3:57 PM Tree Frog: yeah?

  tell me more..

 me: you can receive the 2nd bottle for free

  you can use it for ANYTHING

3:58 PM from hanging out with friends

  to motivational talks

  to baking and cooking

  to performing live

  to being social

3:59 PM but wait!

  there’s more!

 Tree Frog: yes, yes…

 me: if you act now

  not only will you receive your 2nd bottle of May’s awesomeness for free

4:00 PM Tree Frog: yes… yes…

 me: you’ll also get a lovely photo album of her

  both in digital and book form

  one for your coffee table

4:01 PM Tree Frog: hahaha



 me: and another for your wallpaper and screen saver!

 Tree Frog: awesome!!

 me: operators are standing by, or go to and order now!

I need money, people. Given my current situation (see previous annoyingly vague post), May’s Awesomeness might prove profitable.

What do you think?

(This chat was completely spontaneous, by the way. It would be … awesome to actually make a commercial from it. Lingos, anyone?)