Why This Is A Pretty Great Oktoberfest Photo


1. Tent – these kinds of events are best held outdoors, especially when the leaves are turning and with inordinate amounts of drinking going on.

2. Polka band – the moment I took this photo two accordions and a tenor saxophone were jamming. The band made polka look very, very cool. They were incredible! See the clarinet next to the other saxophone off to the side?

3. Liederhosen – does anyone else find the attire pretty sexy? Shorts and suspenders? Buttons and clasps? No one? Think about it, people.

4. Western European girl with very rosy cheeks and perfect little highlights – she came to have a great time, and she looks successful.

5. Steins of bier as big as one’s head – can someone explain the size of that beer receptacle? Also, you can’t see how the woman is holding it, which makes me think the ‘fest is haunted. Wouldn’t that make sense? Up at Bear Mountain? Beginning of autumn? Secluded area with a lot of drunk people? Why wouldn’t the ghosts want to come out and play and hold people’s frothy mugs while they polka and puke?

I had a brat with sauerkraut and onions that day. The perfect nip chilled the air under overcast skies. I watched my friends Lisa and Jason waltz and polka; we went on a hike; we watched kids on the haunted carousel, round and round, round and round.  ROUND and ROUND … Then we took the Metro North home and I finished getting ready for my own going away party. I have pictures of that as well. Oktoberfest, indeed.

A little discussion.

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