Saturday Morning

There’s quiet in the city, and then there’s quiet in suburbia.

The city seems to sleep out of necessity. It sets an alarm and bounds out the door with a coffee  (diet Coke) and a bagel.

Suburbia wakes up whenever. Not that some people don’t get an early start. I mean, I had the choice as my body sprang awake nearly an hour before my alarm went off. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I didn’t want to.

The air conditioning is on. The fan from my laptop whirs, and that is all I hear. White noise. I guess I’m supposed to go back to sleep.

Weekends are as sacred here as I held them to be in the city.  It seems people celebrate them a little differently. And I guess that has nothing to do with geography as one’s desire when to roll out of bed.

I had intended to be running right about now.  I like my mornings a little busy, and the exercise does help clear my head.

But it also seems I like my weekend mornings a little lazy. Quiet, contemplative. In pajamas until at least noon.

I won’t go running. My legs are sore, so maybe I’ll just stretch and be lazy some more until it’s time to get hopping.

I’m not sure when that time will be. I’m very much enjoying the quiet.

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