Still, Still


What I’ll miss: The city that pretends to sleep between 2AM and 6AM
I love that time of day.  The city’s pulse slows way down, it gets way quiet; it cools off. It draws a deep breath, and sighs heavily, with a sense of relief, and maybe a little forlornly, too. The contrast with the rest of the day is just too rich not to notice. At this time, the city exposes its heart, and I fall in love even more.

It’s an awesome time to write, by the way. All the city’s electricity from the daytime funnels into my brain, and inspiration flashes in sparks and arcs, like one of those fun plasma balls. Intoxicating.

What I won’t miss: That one time when I was out too late
Speaking of, here’s another thing about this city: it doesn’t sugarcoat your mistakes. That was a rough night, people. I kind of staggered home. Then, I vomited.

It only happened once, though. A long time ago. Good thing.