Old Company

What I’ll miss: Old, beautiful buildings that are also bomb shelters
I’ll miss the architecture and gargoyles and raised columns and sconces, all out of stone or marble. That kind of workmanship is rare these days. I’ll also miss the old-fashioned elevators and the dark basements where the laundry rooms are. I don’t know, it’s nice knowing I’m safe while I sleep just in case there’s a nuclear attack. You never know.

What I won’t miss: Time Warner Cable
I hate that company and its virtual monopoly on the city. I hate their customer service. I hate that maybe I had plans to spend time with a friend and she was on the phone with that company that gave her the runaround for way, way too long and they upset her. I could go off, but I won’t. I slept maybe two hours last night, and it may not be entirely TWC’s fault, but that’s who I’m blaming.

One thought on “Old Company

  1. That was something I loved about the apartment building you lived in the first time I visited you….that cool bomb shelter sign. It’s both disturbing and reassuring.
    Oh man, it makes me sad that I lost all those pictures when my computer crashed. *sigh*

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