News That’s Fit to Broadcast Locally

What I’ll miss: Kristen Shaughnessy
I don’t watch NY1 every day, but sometimes it’s nice to hear a confident voice on the weekend giving me my city’s news and weather. She looked a little worn this morning, but I feel I can always count on her, reading me headlines from the papers, telling me about the mayor’s election budget, reading her teleprompter with perfect inflection, making me laugh intentionally or otherwise. She always does a wonderful job, and she helped me get ready and excited for my weekends.

What I won’t miss: The F word everywhere, especially on the local news
Okay, so this lone incident was a blooper, and it was actually quite hilarious, especially the co-anchor’s reaction, and I’ll only link to it instead of posting the video here for those whose ears haven’t bled senseless from hearing that word in all its forms constantly. And by “constantly,” I mean all the bleepin’ time. Welcome to bleepin’ New York! … Go away! Bleepin’ leave already, we don’t bleepin’ want you here. I know how you really feel, New York City, and I feel the same way: I bleepin’ love you, too.

I don’t know, people. This actually might turn into something I miss.