Mammal Matters

What I’ll miss: Furry poofy chair

It came in a cube-shaped box, early 2004. I sheathed it with its furry coat, then I sat on it and kneaded the foam to a plumpy-round, sitworthy form. It has endured over five years of sitting, jumping, lying, napping, rabbit-resting, child-wrestling, cuddling, reading; what have you. Two to three adults have sat on it at the same time. Maybe four. Zillions of children. It more than filled the measure of its creation. Also, truth be known, I never washed it. It had collected a lot of dust and hair. It was crusty and matted in some places. Its time had come. I’d always called it “furry poofy chair,” others had also called it “gorilla.” My chest tightened a bit as I left it in the basement a couple days ago.

What I won’t miss:
Furry poofy chair’s tendency to collect all the dust and hair in the apartment. Also, every NYC apartment’s tendency to collect all the dust and hair in the city. If you live here, you totally know what I mean.

3 thoughts on “Mammal Matters

  1. In addition to finding this independently funny, I found it even funnier that it showed up on my Flist exactly one entry below this one, from my Hideous Homes feed:

    If I lived here, every single morning I would wake up my family with my recreation of the big “What a Feeling” number from Flashdance. EVERY MORNING. Which is why I don’t live there. (That, and the 5,000 mile commute my kid’s schoolbus would have to make twice a day.)

    All together! Fiiiiirrrst… when there’s nothing… but a sloooowww…. blowing cheeeze…. that your world… seems to hide….deep inside… a mine…

    I’ll be interested to see which list your Hall of Mirrors winds up on.

    • Depends. I think Flashdance totally skews the perspective. Either that, or my family/roommates would have to do the big production number with me. Every single morning.

      Also, being able to strike a pose on a dime is a very valuable skill. Mirrors are the key.

      Not a hideous home to me…

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