We Interrupt This Blog to Announce

Brigham Young University of the Provo, Utah has officially admitted me as a student.

I’m set to attend Winter Semester, 2010.

Of course I sent out a mass text. If I missed you, I deeply apologize.

Here are the replies I received so far, in the order they came:
-May! That’s so great! And you didn’t even have to beat anyone up!!!
-That’s so great! Congratulations!
-Holy sh..! Congrats!
-Yay!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!
-Yay! When are you moving to utah? Let me know if you need a ride from the airport.
-Who is this sorry i lost my phone
-SWEET! When do you go?
-Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When do you head off then?
-We were just talking about you
-One more credit!
-Congrats! That’s awesome!
-CongratULATIONS! Although you will be missed around here-
-Congratulations! What program and when do you start? I want to start the MBA program next fall. Maybe we’ll be cougars together!
-Sweet omgosh have fun!!!!!
-Aw! Congratulations! I’m with [other former seminary students] they say hi
-Congrats! Now go get that scholarship! I know you can!
-Yay!! Soon we can play again!
-Of course you are! They’re lucky to have you! CONGRATULATIONS May!
-For grad school?
-Sweet. I cant wait. We can hang out at Hoogie [sic] yogi together. Its like the rosa mexicana of the west
-That’s exciting you’re heading back to school. Congratulations!

I’m so grateful for everyone’s support. I love you all.

7 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Blog to Announce

  1. Wow. And I responded pretty quickly to that (slow unfamiliar texting fingers notwithstanding). You have a lot of people who love you a lot.

  2. Did you write the one with the almost cuss word yourself 🙂 haha just kidding! Congrats! It was so fun to meet and hang out with you this weekend!

    • Hey, Liz! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for the comment. It was a blast hanging out with you, too! Make sure you visit again. You’re pretty rad.

  3. I agree, they should be honored to have YOU. What a wonderful experience it will be to go back there now, with all your new perspective and life experience. 🙂

  4. Eat a hogi and a yogi for me! I miss that place. Order saltines in your yogi, heard it was yum, never tried it personally. Let me know what you think!

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